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Tips for Betting NBA 2nd Half Odds


Do you like to bet the last half of games? Here are some tips for betting NBA 2nd Half Odds.

Key Points

  • Betting NBA second half odds is similar to betting full game odds only now the bettor has more information.
  • Bettors can bet NBA second half odds as a hedge on full game bets.

Betting NBA second half odds can be very profitable for smart bettors. Bettors have the advantage of seeing how each team performed in the first half. They can use that information to help them wager on the second half.


The way second half betting works is essentially the score is reset and you are betting on the second half only. All bets - moneyline, spread, and totals - can be made, but it is important to remember you are betting on the second half only.

Stick With What Works When betting NBA 2nd Half Odds

Remember, betting the second half of an NBA game is just the same as betting the whole game. The difference is that you now have some information. 

If you are a moneyline bettor, stick with second-half moneylines. If youíre a spread or totals bettor, stick with it. Stick to what works for you, but now apply it to the second half of your NBA game. 

Watch for Injuries

An injury, especially one to a star player, will have the biggest impact on second-half odds at your online sportsbook. If a LeBron James or Stephen Curry is hurt in the first half and it is announced that they will not return in the second half, you will see that represented in the second-half lines and odds. 

Your job as a smarter bettor then is to find where the value is in those odds and lines. When you find it, bet accordingly.

Potential Middling Opportunities in NBS 2nd Half Odds

You might ask, what is middling in sportsbetting. Click for more.

Second-half NBA bets are perfect for hedging full-game bets. Letís say you wagered on the Over in a game with a total of 218. At the half, the score is tied at 58-58. 

The scoring outburst in the first half has adjusted the live betting total to 229. The second-half total is now 114.5. You place a second-half wager on the Under as well. 

This is a great way to middle or hedge the bet. Anything Under 114.5 in the second half cashes the second-half bet. The bettor needs 103 points in the second half to cash the first bet too. Any second-half total between 103 and 114.5 will win both bets.

Football fans, did you see our last article? We explained betting NFL totals.

2nd Half Unders

Typically, the first and second quarters of NBA games are the highest scoring quarters in a game. That said bettors canít just wildly bet all second half Unders. If you pay close attention to NBA basketball scores, youíll see many trends.

There is a situation in which betting the second half Under wins roughly 55 percent of the time. In games with a total of 210 or higher and the first half total is short by ten points or more, the second half Under wins nearly 55 percent of the time.

Itís one of the reasons I like betting NBA basketball totals.

There have been full seasons where the second half Under has been very profitable. In games with a total of 219 or higher and the first half total was short by ten or more points, the second half Under cashed a winning ticket over 65 percent of the time for an entire season. 

Watch the trends, stick with what you know and use NBA second half odds to your advantage.

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