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Betting NFL Totals


Betting NFL totals has become one of the more popular bets at sportsbooks during football season. When bettors are stumped as to which side to wager on, they can simply opt for the Over/Under which has nothing to do with which team wins.

Along with the moneyline and point spread, oddsmakers establish a game total for each game. If the final combined score goes over the set total, those with an Over ticket have a winner. If the score goes under, the Under ticket is the winner.


Its not a difficult concept to understand, though there is some strategy involved if one wants to have repeated success.

NFL Totals Example

Well use a generic example of a typical NFL totals bet. In the following example Dallas is favored to beat Washington. The total is set at 47.5.

Dallas -165 -5.5 (-110) O 47.5 (-110)

Washington +145 +5.5 (-110) U 47.5 (-110)

If a bettor likes the two teams to combine for more than 47.5 points, he can win $1 for every $1.10 wagered. The same is true for a wager on the score going Under 47.5.

Factors to Consider

When betting NFL totals at online sportsbooks, there are a few factors to consider. One is simple team statistics. Is one of the teams a high-scoring offense? Maybe one of the defenses allows over 28 points per game. That is a lot for an NFL defense.

Bettors should always be checking injury reports. If in our example, Dallas averages over 30 points per game on offense but their starting quarterback is out of the lineup for the next game, that would have an impact on the games final score.

Maybe a defense is missing a starting cornerback and their best pass rusher. The opponent would have the potential to score more points which will impact the game total.

Sportsbetting 101: What is Middling in Sportsbetting?

Another consideration is the weather. Late-season games in cold weather lend themselves to lower-scoring games. Passing games have much more difficult times in cold, windy, and rainy conditions. 

That brings up games played in domed stadiums. A handful of teams have home fields that are indoors or have retractable roofs that can be closed when weather could be a factor in influencing the outcome of a game.

A study conducted between 2003 and 2015 found that the total points scored in NFL games played in outdoor stadiums was 42.4 per game. In games played in indoor stadiums, that total rose to 46.2. These numbers directly affect NFL betting odds. While individual teams may or may not gain an advantage from playing indoors, bettors wagering on NFL totals sure can.

Key NFL Betting Numbers

When betting NFL totals, it also helps to understand some key NFL betting numbers. Since 2015 when the NFL moved the PAT back, the most common final point total in the league is 41. Next is 40 followed by 51, 47, and 44. These are the most common game totals.

Game totals moving to and through 40 and 41 have been extremely significant over the past six-plus seasons. Understanding these common numbers can help bettors as they wager on NFL totals.

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