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Why I like Betting NBA Basketball Totals


We love betting NBA totals for one reason, and that’s the action the bet itself brings. The NBA has evolved greatly over the last ten years and really, over the last five years more specifically. There used to be a day when the NBA was thought of as a defensive league and that “defense wins championships” This is simply not the case anymore and if you don’t believe it, check out some of the individual team scoring numbers, you will be astonished.


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First and Foremost: We are not saying that betting “over” the total is always the way to go. This is a huge misnomer and if you are following a handicapper that bets only on the over, then stop following these people! This is a losing strategy. We get it, for a lot of bettors, betting over the total is a fun way to go. Number one, when we bet totals whether it’s the over or the under, we do not have to root for the outcome, we don’t care who wins the game just if it goes over or under.


The truth of the matter when it comes to the Over/Under statistics is this; the betting numbers across the board are very close. Most teams do not dominate one side or the other such as with the stats against the spread.


How Does Your Online Sportsbook Stack Up Against the Competition?


We say that we like to bet the totals because of the action that it brings, this is true, and the other big reason is for the idea that we do not have to worry about final scores. In the NBA anybody can beat anybody on any given night. We like to think that the best teams win all the games, and while this may be true in large-part, it is not true against the spread.


Look at the top 10 teams against the spread:


Dallas-ATS 34-21-1---O/U 34-31---Points For 108.8---Points Against 108.7

Milwaukee-ATS 33-20-3---O/U 27-29---Points For 117.1---Points Against 107.3

Oklahoma City-ATS 33-23-0---O/U 29-27---Points For 115.3---Points Against 109.8

Sacramento-ATS 33-23-0---O/U 29-26---Points For 113.3---Points Against 114.5

Brooklyn-ATS32-26-0---O/U 29-29---Points For 111.7---Points Against 112.3

San Antonio-ATS 31-26-1---O/U 35-22---Points For 112.4---Points Against 111.4

LA Clippers-ATS 31-27-0---O/U 30-27---Points For 113.9---Points Against 113.9

Portland-ATS 30-26-0---O/U 28-27---Points For 113.0---Points Against 110.4

Denver-ATS 30-26-0---O/U 27-28---Points For 111.8---Points Against 106.9

Orlando-ATS 30-26-0---O/U 26-21---Points For 105.2---Points Against 107.5


Who would have thought that Dallas would be the number one team against the spread? The Mavericks are doing somewhat better than expected, however, they are not very good. but this doesn’t matter. What matters is how they are doing against the spread. They are 34-21-1. They are 7 games under .500 against the Over/Under.


Here is what we are saying: When looking at the totals you must consider the amount of points being scored on a nightly basis, as well as the amount of points being allowed. This is your key to beating the oddsmakers.


America’s Bookie- 10 Years of Providing Sports Bettors Great Bonuses and Fast Payouts


Find a great handicapper to follow for betting the NBA and rely on someone that does this for a living. It’s difficult to handicap the numbers across the board so we recommend handicapping the totals. There is a lot of money to be won if you play this correctly. Have a budget in place and follow a strategy of betting the totals. Vegas is often wrong! They are consistently losing the totals because they think every game will score 220 points per game! Wrong. There is value this year in the unders. Find these value games and start making a small fortune.

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