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Betting College Football - How to Make Money


College football 2018 has certainly lived up to the hype throughout the first six weeks of action. There have been a few big upsets, a few great comebacks and some very predictable games. How have you come out in the wash, are you winning money, does your online bookie despise you? We hope they despise you and we hope you are breaking the bank over the bookies head. Thatís what this hobby is all about, making money.


There is certainly a lot of money going in, how much of it is coming out and into your bank account is the question. There is simply no reason to be bleeding this year. The games have been relatively easy to call. Most of the Top 25 teams have been as good as their billing. Sure, there have been some frauds such as Boise State and UCLA, but this speaks to the very nature of college football.


Docís Picks - Betting College Football - Money Line vs Spread


If you find that you are struggling to keep your head above water, then you must seek help. There is a lifeboat on the way and they have lifejackets. They want to throw you one, but you must be willing to receive the help. There is a way to start beating the bookies at their own game and itís called handicapping.


In order to win and win consistently when playing college football you must be a great handicapper. The biggest mistake that you will ever make is thinking that you ďgot thisĒ. Letís be realistic. There are too many football teams in Division 1A for you to handicap. How could you possibly do it? There is only one way and that would be to quit your job, purchase 20 TVís and watch game film of every Top 25 game that is played every week. You would need to watch every game that you possibly could and you will need to take scrupulous notes and recordings and you will need to learn every trend from all of the great players and the best teams and how they perform and where and when they perform at their very best. Handicapping is a never ending nightmare but it must be done.


Sportsbook Bonuses are Profitable is Used Correctly and Understanding them and How they Work


What are great college football gambling numbers? Would it be 50%, 52%, 55%, 60%? Here is the reality; in order to beat the juice, you must be winning around 53% of your bets. Are you winning this much? Do you know how much you are winning? If you do not, then stop right here. You must know how much you are winning every week. You absolutely canít afford to not know. You must keep a log of every bet that you make and you most definitely must keep track of the wins and losses. Otherwise, you are merely throwing your money away on a weekly basis. You must also set a gambling budget and stick to it. When you have that gut wrenching loss but you are at the end of your budget for the week, there are no excuses, you must stop and wait until the next week. Be disciplined and you will see your profits rise, and by a wide margin.


Docís Picks : Football Handicapping - A Must this Season


You must get help. Unless of course, you are ready to quit your job and take on sports gambling as a fulltime challenge. You do not have the time to handicap college football in the way that is should be handicapped. There is a saying in the sports gambling that says this; ďgames can be over-handicapped. This is not true. Donít believe this. Knowledge is power and with that power comes money in profits from great bets. The proper way to think is like this; games can be overthought. This is absolutely true, if you think and think and rethink whether or not you should choose one side to bet over another and then change your mind just before clicking the mouse, then you have overthought that game. This is the time when you must grab yourself by the nap of the neck and run from that game. Really, run from a game like that. Betting on football is much like taking a test. The first answer that you think is right, thatís the right answer 9 out of 10 times. You have thought about a game until you are blue in the face and by the time you decide, you have no idea who to take. Donít do this to yourself, itís maddening and it will make your hobby a nightmare.


Find help. There are fantastic, top of the line sports handicapping services and websites that can help you make better betting decisions. Use these people, trust them. They are the very ones that quit their jobs and decided to do this for a living

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