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Betting College Football - Money Line vs Spread


Week 5 is here and there are once again some fantastic football games to bet on. This 2018 college football season has been great so far and has lived up to expectations. There are more than a few teams that have made an impressive run out of the gate and some not so impressive. One of the keys to positioning yourself to win consistently is the sportsbook that you use. Make sure that your sportsbook of choice is offering you the most competitive lines and odds as well as great wagering options. You should have more than a few options to diversify and mix it up a little. There is certainly more to football betting then just the spread.


Doc Pickís - Football Betting Made Fun - Spread the Wealth Around


As always, the key to winning at college football, is knowing the teams, how they play and what kind of playmakers they have. Alabama did not cover last week, for the first time all season. Who knew this and how did they know this could happen? Sharp players knew it, thatís a fact. The line was inflated based on the previous wins as well as inflated due to the very fact that they are Alabama. Does this mean the line is inflated this week against UL Lafayette? -48.5 is a lot of points to lay but is it too many? Find a great handicapping service and be in the know. There are great websites that actually place all of the popular handicappers in one place and you can get free picks. Find these folks and let them do the homework.


Betting the Money Line:


The money line is fun, if you have done your homework! There are some great money line bets this week such as Old Dominion at +215 or Virginia Tech at +172. You may say that betting the money lines in college football is difficult because of the high prices and the juice; this is true. For this very reason many players stay away from the money line and bet the spread. There is a solution, bet money line parlays. Here is how you approach this. Take a handful of teams that you would be willing to bet the spread on, teams that you have handicapped and are confident in. If you are willing to bet the spread, then you most definitely should be willing to bet the money line. With a money line bet, all you need is a win. A win is a win and it matters not how big the win or if they won on a last second field goal by one point. What matters is you got the victory and you are collecting. Forget about what it pays, again, a win is a win and itís certainly better than a loss.† Take a handful of teams that you have enough confidence in to bet the spread individually and put them all in a parlay.


Betting the Spread:


Betting the spread is where the money is. Most of the games are somewhere in the -110 or -115 mark and that makes for a much better payday than betting the money line. There is a catch, you must cover the points and it goes both ways. Alabama is laying 48. If you think thatís too many you may be right, itís a lot of points but at the same time, Alabama is very good and the score at halftime could easily be 35-3. The Alabama defense is good enough to keep a small school from scoring in the first half. The second half is often a better value with the underdog simply for the fact that second string players are playing.


Sportsbook Bonuses Why and How they are Moneymakers


The key to beating the spread is to find value in teams and find teams that are genuinely that many points better than the opponent. Michigan is a great example. This week they are playing at Northwestern and traditionally Northwestern plays the Wolverines tough, and Michigan is simply not as good on the road as they are at home. On the other hand, Northwestern has lost some players and they are not as good as they have been in previous years. The last two games that Michigan has played, have been huge blowouts. You must find where the value lies.


Have fun, call your favorite sports bookie and get in for a great weekend of college football betting action. There is a lot of money to be made.


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