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Football Handicapping - A Must this Season


Football bettors, the season has finally arrived! The long offseason is over, and football is back. The season that we all live and look forward to is finally here. Sure, baseball has itís place and is indeed fun to bet on but there is nothing like college football Saturdayís and after itís all wrapped up at 12.00 am, guess what? The NFL is on tap for Sundayís betting lineup.


Docís Picks - Online Sportsbooks Will Not Only Survive, They Will Thrive


†The NCAA College Football season is a couple of days from kickoff and the NFL is now in the 4th week of the preseason, which means that the regular season is right around the corner. Are you ready for some football? If not, then here are a few friendly, football handicapping reminders.


         Never believe that you know everything there is to know about betting on football! You donít, and there is only one way that you would even come close to having all the knowledge that you will ever need; if you have been a professional football handicapper for the last 25 years or more! Professional handicappers are called professional for a reason, they handicap football for a living. Itís what they do and have done for most of their adult lives and they are very good at it. Many of these professional handicappers make a six figure income. They study the game, they know the inís and outís and they have every single aspect covered.


         Now think about this; the best of the best in professional handicappers will win in the low 60 percentile. A fantastic and above average handicapper will hit in the high 60 percent range. Anything above the high 60ís, is a phenomena!


         Think about how you did last season. Was it acceptable or would you like to do better? In order to beat the juice, you need to be winning around 52-54% of every bet that you place. Look, letís be honest, even 50% of every bet made is not an easy task. As much as we love to bet on football and as much as we love the action, this is a hard gig and we all need help.


         Great handicappers must know every trend with every team and every player, that is a starter. They must know what teams perform well on the road and what teams cover the spread. They must know what teams play well on grass and what teams play well on turf. They must know about weather, they must know how many points the team gives up and how many they score and vice versa with the opponent. There is so much to know that it becomes an absolutely overwhelming task for the average person. Who has the kind of time that it takes to handicap all of the necessary information? Almost nobody.


Professional football handicapping is just that; professional. It would be very difficult to handicap even the Top 25 in college football and all of the NFL games every week, let alone the over 200 games per week that are played. You must find a great handicapping service this year and let a professional do the heavy lifting. If you want to win money and win it consistently, then donít delay.


RDG Corp Ė A Leader in Sportsbook and Per Head Industry


Find a great bookie and then find a great handicapper. Better yet find many great handicappers that are in one place on one website. There are game adviser web sites that exits for the sole purpose of placing the nationally known football handicappers in one place. Working with a group like this will not only save you all kinds of time, it will make you a fortune.


1Vice Offers Award Winning Sports Betting Contests


Most of the great handicapping websites offer a free trial, check them out and see if you like them. Even if itís necessary to pay a nominal fee for some great football picks; what do you have to lose? It would be much better to pay for picks and win, then to go it alone and lose! Where is the glory in that? Have fun this year, find a great handicapping website and great sports book. Now is the time.

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