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Football Betting Made Fun - Spread the Wealth Around


Now that the 2018 football season is a couple of weeks deep in the college ranks and one week into the NFL, we thought it an appropriate time to go over some of the forgotten wagering basics. There really are a ton of wagering options available and how you choose to mix this up can make or break a bottom line.


Docís Picks - Football Handicapping - A Must this Season


If for any reason you are not seeing the many wagering options, then you just might be doing business with the wrong bookmakers! Find an online bookie that brings you many great wagering options as well as a free weekly payout along with a top notch reputation in customer service and reliability. You will notice a huge difference in your betting season if you have a great bookie to work with. A good bookie knows and realizes that not all bettors are losers and they want to work with both. They would rather have you win every once in a while, then to immediately start loosing and leave the book altogether.


Betting straight bets against the point spread is the most common form of betting. This is what gamblers are used to and this is what so many folks know. There are certainly many more ways to bet than just this old-school, traditional form.


Make sure that your online pph sportsbook is making the grade with wagering options. Not only is the user- interface an important part of your online bookie experience, but the options available to you can mean everything.


Quarter bets, donít forget that you can bet on individual quarters. This is a great way to make some extra money on the same game you are betting on! Confused? Look, itís simple. Bet on a game, have an established budget, go into the game knowing how much you want to spend on the game and lay that amount down. Letís set a game budget at $500 per game-- straight bet-- $100 per game. You bet the side that you choose and then you have room to play and make money and possibly even make up for any losses incurred along the way. Spend $25 per quarter and then jump on the half for another $50. This is a fun way to mix up a football game and it will make you a ton of money.


Betting the first half is for handicappers! If you are going to bet the first half, you must know what you are getting into. You must know what the team you are betting on is capable of. If you do not, then you are looking at a disaster and you will need to bet the second half along with the third and fourth quarters in order to make up for the losses. Donít allow yourself to be in this position. Handicap before hand and know exactly what you are getting into. If you are unsure of your own handicapping abilities or simply donít have the kind of time that it takes, then by all means find a sports handicapping website that can help you.


Betting the second half is not so much about handicapping as it is about the math and what you observed happen in the first half. The NFL is about momentum and the second half often follows the first half. Example: If the Ravens are on a roll in the first half as they were against Buffalo in week one, then they are likely to be on the same kind of tear in the second half. The first half of the Raven/Bills game ended at 26-0 in favor of Baltimore. The second half ended in a 21-3 final, with a final game score of 47-3. This game was in Baltimore and the home field advantage meant a lot. This is where handicapping comes in huge.


Docís Picks - Online Sportsbooks Will Not Only Survive, They Will Thrive


Mixing up your betting options allows you to make money in places that you may have forgotten about. Mix it up, keep it fun and winning a pile of money is the goal. Stick to your budget and if things go completely sour, chalk it up and wait for the next game. Donít chase forever. Your goal is to end the day a winner.

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