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NCAA Tournament Odds - Updated Odds-Who Wins it All?


This year’s version of the NCAA Tournament has featured it all. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, but mostly the outstanding. If you have not yet called up your favorite online bookie, then what are you waiting for? Now is the time to jump in and bet the Sweet 16. The Sweet 16 features eight of the best games that you will have seen to this point and we guarantee it!


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There is certainly not one bad team left in the field and there is also not one “lucky” team in the field. That’s right, not even Oregon. They have earned their way into the final weekend of basketball because they are gritty and determined. These guys are good, and they will continue to fight for the right to move on. Get in, suit up, dial the bookies number and start winning.


Sweet 16


·         4 Florida State Vs. 1 Gonzaga

·         3 Purdue Vs. 2 Tennessee

·         3 Texas Tech Vs. 2 Michigan

·         12 Oregon Vs. 1 Virginia

·         3 LSU Vs. 2 Michigan State

·         5 Auburn Vs. 1 North Carolina

·         4 Virginia Tech Vs. 1 Duke

·         3 Houston Vs. 2 Kentucky

We told you it was good! Again, we stand behind the fact that not one team is lucky, or fortunate to be here. Every team in this field earned their stripes and they all deserve to be here. Are there some unlucky teams that probably just missed the cut? Absolutely but that matters not. What matters is now and that’s the Sweet 16.


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Who has the best chance and what are the updated odds?


Duke                     5/2

Gonzaga              9/2

Virginia                 9/2

North Carolina   8/1

Kentucky             10/1

Michigan State  10/1

Michigan              16/1

Purdue                 20/1

Tennessee          20/1

Florida State       20/1

Texas Tech          20/1

Auburn                 30/1

Houston               35/1

Virginia Tech      40/1

LSU                        50/1

Oregon                 75/1


·         Odds Provided by Scores and Stats


You may be expecting a breakdown of every team and why or why not they have a chance to win this tournament. That’s a colossal waste of time and would be grossly over-handicapping. Every team has a legitimate shot at winning this tournament. At 75-1, Oregon is certainly worth taking a shot. All it takes is on win at a time and the Ducks have proven they can hang around and pick up wins when they are least expected to do so. We are not predicting Oregon to win this thing, don’t misunderstand, we are however, saying that they have a chance and Vegas has lost it’s mind with 75-1.


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Duke, Gonzaga, and Virginia are all worth taking a look at and certainly worth dropping some change on. All three teams have played out of their mind basketball all-season and they will all be tough to bring down. Are they the best bet for the odds? No…


Two teams stand out in this field—


Purdue and Michigan State.


At 20/1, Purdue is by far and away the best bet that you will ever see going into the Sweet 16. This team is for ream and they have a coach that knows what he is doing, period! Purdue has a mindset that says we will play above the opponent, and they do. They can certainly run with anybody in the field and they can outscore most opponents in this field. Their defense will come into play as they move on into the Elite 8 and Final Four.


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Michigan State is a defensive juggernaut and they will not be outplayed by any team in the Sweet 16. They have seriously earned the right to be here and although it may seem as if we are taking sides with the BIG 10; who cares? State has one of the best coaches to ever coach the game and he is another that get’s more out of his players than nearly any coach that has ever lived. Look for State to be there in the end and look for them to have a big run. If you have watched the BIG 10 all-season then you are not surprised. Do yourself a favor and look at their opponents and you decide. At 10/1 they are a great bet, just maybe the best bet. Don’t be surprised if they go the distance. Call the bookie, get your bets in today.

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