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Does the NFL Preseason Mean Anything, is it Worth Betting?


Football is back baby, and the wit has been excruciating! Letís face it and letsí talk like real football fans; the offseason sucks! There is simply no better time to be a sports betting fan than right now. This is the time when MLB meets the NFL and very soon we will have the NHL, the NBA, college football and college basketball! Late summer and the fall are definitely great time to be a gambler and now is the best time to find the perfect online bookmaker for the NFL. Whop cares if itís just preseason? Get in now. As a matter of fact, this is the very best time to get in because the bookies are giving away cash contests and all kinds of freebie offer that can make you a substantial amount of extra money. Jump online find a great bookie with a great reputation and have yourself ready for some fantastic NFL action.


Docís Picks - Online Sportsbooks Will Not Only Survive, They Will Thrive


The preseason is absolutely worth betting and if you care about making money this year on the regular season, then you will follow the preseason very closely. Following the preseason allows you to know the teams, their strengths, their weaknesses, how many points they will put up on average and special teams. You can certainly learn a lot about how a team is going to perform, by following them in the preseason. This is not always true. There are certainly times when teams will lose all of their preseason games and then be terrible during the regular season or vice versa. Take the Cleveland Brown for example, they came out last year and won all of their preseason games! We all know the disaster that they ended up being. The preseason is a learning tool and a handicapping tool, use it to your advantage.


Betting Trends:


Look for a handful of great teams to follow during the preseason and bet them. Donít go crazy, be disciplined. Remember, there is a regular season coming up so be sure to budget accordingly.†


What teams look good after preseason week one?


The Patriots looked very good, but they always look good! This week he Patriots take on the Super Bowl Champion Eagles and you can bet they want to win this one. It may be preseason, but this is about pride. Tom Brady want to win, and the team will make a concerted effort to shut the Eagles up.


More and More Sports Gamblers Becoming Bookies


The Panthers put a beatdown on the Bills in the second half in Buffalo and on both sides of the ball. Taylor Heinicke certainly upped his stock as a backup with 121 yards and a TD. Look for them to continue this week at home against the Dolphins. The Dolphins seem to be a franchise in disarray and if they canít get it together in the preseason, then itís going to be a long year in South Florida.


The New York Jets surprisingly enough, looked very good. Sam Darnold lived up to the hype going 13/18 with 96 yards, 1 TD and no interceptions. Maybe the Jets finally have the real deal in a quarterback. Itís been a long time coming for this team and to boot; they held Atlanta scoreless! It does not matter that this was a preseason game. Get it out of your head right now that these NFLíers donít want to win! They do want to win and they for sure donít want to be shut out! Getting shut out is embarrassing no matter preseason or regular season. Not only that, but itís the Falcons, who have had a top offensive unit for the last several years and have been a scoring machine. Give the Jets credit. Can it continue? This week the Jets face the new look Redskins. The Redskins had a great first half against the Patriots with Colt McCoy throwing for 189 yards and 2 TDís. This game will be a test for the Jets.


Americas Favorite Bookie Winning Friends with a Great Reputation


No matter who you like this year, the point is, itís football and itís time to dust of betting shoes and jump into the action. Make sure you have two or three great sportsbooks that you can depend on and get the money in! Have fun with the preseason and remember to find a handful of trusted team now. And prepare to win money this year.

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